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Sweetheart Workout- Lenox Village

By Lenox Village Trainer, Whitney B

Lenox Village boot campers and their “sweethearts” spent the morning of February the 12th motivating one another to move!  Niki G boot campers were encouraged to bring their “sweetheart” to class to show them just how hard they are working at their fitness.  As a Valentine’s Day gift their “sweetheart” was treated to some fun and challenging partner exercises.

To start, the camper couples paired up for an “Indian Run” with a little twist.  The guys were great sports carrying an oversized pink exercise ball overtop their heads for one mile in honor of Valentine’s Day.  Upon returning to the studio the “sweethearts” were instructed to share weights and wall space as they prepared for their boot camp experience, some of them for the first time.  A partner assisted bodyweight row was the first exercise on the agenda.  Partners interlaced a workout towel  and sat toe to toe as one of them squatted against the wall holding their partner up with their towel while the other raised and lowered themselves in a row.  After each camper had performed 20 the group moved on to partner planks and squats.  With one person in a high plank position the other stood behind and lifted their partner’s feet, holding them at waist level as they squatted up and down.  Before a trip up the notorious hill behind the studio backwards, the “sweethearts” held hands assisting one another in some challenging one legged squats and back and forth lunges.  Out of breath and legs wobbling the they returned from their “jaunt” up the hill to finish the workout with some partner based glute and abdominal work on the mat including one legged bridges and bicycle crunches.

Try it out, a workout buddy and partner exercises are a great way to keep you and your partner motivating and working to your true potential!  The Niki G “Sweetheart” Workout of 2011 was a success.  Boot campers and “sweethearts” alike left the Lenox Village studio with a sense of accomplishment knowing they had each pushed themselves and their “sweetheart” to the next level

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