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Niki G’s Top TV Show of the Fall

Don’t get me wrong. The last thing I want for you to do this fall is hibernate and vege out in front of TV every night! However, there are some shows worth recording and watching while relaxing, folding laundry or walking on your home treadmill. Sure Greys Anatomy and Desperate Housewives are always going to be some of the best shows of all time, but I want to recommend the ones that might actually motivate you to work hard during your workouts, eat better and stay the course!

Here are my top picks for those of us starting or continuing an exercise program.

Most Motivational and Inspirational Show

So You Think You Can Dance Premieres Sept. 9 7pm Central Time  (Fox)

Watching these kids with amazing figures and abilities is so inspiring! Each contestant is put to the test when learning a new dance style, but they do it with no fear. 

Best Weight Loss Show to Follow

The Biggest Loser Premieres Sept. 15 7pm Central Time (NBC)

Not everything we see on reality TV is reality ( I was on Bridezillas in 2007, so I know first hand!). But, something about watching people sometimes twice our size go through workouts twice as difficult as ours might just be enough from keeping us from complaining next time we look at the clock and still have 30 minutes of our workout to go. While the weight loss on the show is a little unrealistic for most people in most situations, you have to admit it is motivation and even educational.

Best Show to Put Things in Perspective

Survivor Premieres Sept. 17th  7pm Central Time (CBS)

Ever had to deal with strange and interesting characters while eating next to nothing and physically working harder than you ever have in you life??? Well watching these people survive on their island while we have access to several grocery stores, air conditioning and a soft place to rest our heads, can remind us that we really don’t have it that bad! Plus it’s fun to watch people put their fatigue and hunger aside to give it all they got!

What do you think of the shows above and what others show are you looking forward to coming back this fall? Leave your comment below!

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