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Who Has Time to Workout?

January 15, 2008 Leave a comment

I don’t have time to workout and neither do most people that have a job, kids, or even just a life! That’s why we have to MAKE the time to exercise! There are many tips for finding time to exercise and opinions on which part of the day is best. But, in the end, the best time of the day to exercise is whatever time you can make for it, and what I have found works best for making the time, is to schedule and appointment with yourself, a trainer or a class.

By scheduling an appointment in your appointment book, online calendar, or handheld device you are committing to that time and will most likely not let anything get in the way, as long as getting or staying in shape is a priority to you. If you schedule a class or private training session, you will have the added bonus of somebody expecting you, and then it’s much harder to get out of your scheduled exercise session! Even if you can’t attend a class or hire a trainer, find a workout buddy that you can rely on and never let them cancel on you!

Now go schedule your exercise for the next week…..
Nicole Gauthier

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